Shopping Time for Perry Township

This letter was received from a Perry parent and citizen and published with his full permission.

Open up your wallets, Perry Township. School board president Susan Adams wants to go shopping again.
This time, as she browses for something sustainable against suspended superintendent Dr. H. Douglas Williams, she needs $250 an hour for a “prosecuting” attorney from Lafayette, and that guy wants an additional $175\hr for his assistant. They were recommended by the attorney hired to investigate Dr. Williams months ago who has charged the township $8,500 so far and produced nothing.
The measure passed 4-3 Feb. 26 with the usual people voting the usual way.
These expenditures are on top of the tens of thousands of dollars paid to Williams to stay home, not to mention the healthy bump in pay for Dennis Nichols to be the interim superintendent.
The real question is this: what will happen if nothing sustainable is found against Williams? Has Adams thought that far ahead?
Pull your children back, Perry Parent, Adams and board vice president Nancy Walsh are passing by. They’re in charge, baby, and everything comes through them, even detailed construction decisions.
At the Feb. 26 meeting, Walsh had trouble formulating intelligible questions about badly needed classroom expansion, but that’s not important. She has the power, and Adams will help translate Walsh if necessary, and between the two of them, they will badger and insult experienced administrators without even the hint of self-awareness.
Good leaders are wise people. Wise people know when to be quiet. They listen. They know how to take advice from those with more experience. They show respect.
Adams openly challenged Associate Superintendent Bill Brown’s expertise on the construction matter. Brown, the poor man, is retiring. Board member Steve Maple thanked Brown for his “exemplary” service and noted that his departure was partly due to “despicable maligning” by some board members.
The Adams\Walsh regime has now eliminated two solid administrators. If you’re keeping track at home, the score now stands at Adams\Walsh 2, Perry Township 0.
It is painful to watch Adams and Walsh. A person cannot appreciate the level of their incompetence unless he or she sees it for themselves. All Perry Township taxpayers should attend at least one meeting. It is easy to overlook school board activities. Frankly, they seem rather unimportant, that things will work out well enough, but board members have great capacity for good or harm, and they have absolute power over the spending of tax dollars related to school activities. One visit to a school board meeting should suffice.
Brown’s position must now be advertised and filled. What kind of candidate will step forward to work for the likes of Adams and Walsh? I wouldn’t.
They wander the aisles of power and ego to satisfy whatever drives them. It’s certainly not the welfare of Perry students. I’m sure they delude themselves otherwise, but I think they care about power, and they care about keeping out Williams. All else gets subordinated to those two motivations. The voice of teachers and parents, the editorial boards of local newspapers, mean nothing. Adams and Walsh are as deaf as stone.
Whether it’s Adams talking about the new, great “prosecuting” attorney (not even sure we could secure such a star) or Walsh bubbling along in her final comments after embarrassing herself again during the meeting, we are presented over and over with the fact that Perry Township schools are in the grip of two people who are frighteningly blind to their own faults and to the reality around them.
Jim Bowie

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  1. 1 Amy Stinson Feb 28th, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    It is time to start writing to all the Indiana papers to encourage the citizens of Indiana to contact their local legislators to change the laws to enable impeachment and removal of board members and to move the elections to the general election.

    Here is a link to most of the Indiana papers:

  2. 2 Josie Shannon Mar 1st, 2007 at 8:13 am

    Thank you for the info I will write today!

  3. 3 Owen Mar 1st, 2007 at 11:34 am

    Here is a link to your state representatives and local offices. Simply input your address.

  4. 4 Amy Stinson Mar 1st, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    My point in contacting other papers is this needs to become a statewide problem that demands a change in the law. If we contact other papers and tell the people who read those papers our story and how easy it is for it to become their story, then perhaps we can gather the support necessary to change the laws. It needs to be more than one person contacting more than one paper.

  5. 5 ken Mar 2nd, 2007 at 4:51 pm

    I have heard that Susan Adams has taken a leave of absence from her full time job at Decatur Township. If this is the case, I find her timing intersting. She takes a leave of absence in the same week in which the board voted to hire a 2nd attorney? Is she making her elected position in which she earns between $2,000 and $3,000 a full time job?

    Is she attempting to be a “behind the scenes” administrator? Her leave is questionable at best.

  6. 6 Joe Mamma Mar 5th, 2007 at 11:40 am


    I have a few comments on the following statements:

    “Good leaders are wise people. Wise people know when to be quiet. They listen. They know how to take advice from those with more experience. They show respect.”

    “Adams openly challenged Associate Superintendent Bill Brown’s expertise on the construction matter. Brown, the poor man, is retiring. Board member Steve Maple thanked Brown for his “exemplary” service and noted that his departure was partly due to “despicable maligning” by some board members.”

    Please read the following minutes from Franklin Township School. Start at the Paragraph titled “Appointment of Construction Management Firm For Bond Projects” It is a long read but I think you will find it very interesting. It starts about half way down on page 4 and goes Thur page 12.
    The construction company Perry Township (Bill Brown) wants to hire for this 43 million dollar job is Skillman.
    The board ask to have bids on this job rather than just assign it to Skillman.

    In reading these minutes you will find that Skillman was going to OVER CHARGE Franklin Schools when there were NO BIDS. When they had bids, Skillman dropped their price by ONE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS in one afternoon.
    By having bids at Franklin Township, they SAVED ONE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS. So, I’d say that the board did a GOOD thing by asking for bids. What do you say?
    Just a point I wanted to make with proof to back it up.
    Why does Bill Brown want to retire?
    Investigation in the Finance Dept.? Makes one wonder.
    Also, I watched the video from 11/13/06. Everyone talks about how rude Susan is with her timer. Watch the video, Gayle Houchin is the ONE WHO had this ideal, and to time them by 2 minutes. People gets your facts straight. It was Gayle who wanted the 2 minutes, and the timer.
    The comment made by Steve Maple was, HIS OPINION. Completely out of line. Steve and Gayle do everything they can to throw road blocks in the road.

  7. 7 Joe Mamma Mar 5th, 2007 at 12:06 pm


    It’s people like this, Who call people liars, and have opinions, and when one does not agree with hers, then it is always the other persons fault. This teacher knows where I stand in all of this mess, and SHE personally has told my kids that “They were being winged by the wrong side.” In other words, Your parents are wrong. What right does she have to tell my kids this? NONE. She does NOT KNOW me only of me. And I don’t send my kids to school to have HER cram HER OPINION down their throat. That’s my opinion.

    Taken from the TBPS’s web-site.

    Janet Pernell Says:
    March 3rd, 2007 at 1:43 pm
    To John Smith:
    I also work at Southport High School and you are not describing my school or my classroom. Do I sometimes have disrespectful students? Of course I do. In most cases, it only takes a phone call home to find out why the child is like he/she is. In those instances, you just have to teach the child the best that you can and hope to reach something inside them. There isn’t a John Smith that teaches at Southport High School. However, you have provided me with enough information to go to my deans and my principals to find out if anything that you said happened, actually did. I will find out the real truth and post later.

  8. 8 Janet Pernell Mar 6th, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    To Joe Mamma:
    First of all, I do not even know or care to know who you are. I am assuming you are are referring to me every time you say “her” in your response because you have attached what I wrote to your mailing. So let me set you straight. I have told NO students, which would include your child, that they have been “winged by the wrong side”, or that anyone’s parents are wrong. So YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE, ARE THE LIAR! I certainly do have an opinion on what is going on in our township, but I have NEVER told any student that they or their parents opinions are wrong. So please do not say that I have said something that I haven’t. I challenge you to find one student that can say that I said that! Secondly, I do challenge what “John Smith” says in his letters because those things DID NOT happen at SHS. I have not had a change to talk to the deans as well as previous deans and administration but I assure you that I will.

  9. 9 Joe Mamma Mar 6th, 2007 at 10:23 pm

    To Janet P.

    First, I am not a liar. This would be one more thing that you and I don’t agree on.
    I would believe what my children tell me over what you would say any day of the week.
    As far as your challenge, how stupid. Like any child at SHS is going to tell a teacher at SHS that he/she is a liar. But more importantly, I would never put a child in that position.
    Are you also going to say that Jill Reynolds - Dean of Girls,(2004-2006) Didn’t get ran over in the parking lot by a student last year? And SHS let the student back into school in 5 days?
    One more thing, I’m glad you teach Math and not English.

  10. 10 In the student's defense... Mar 7th, 2007 at 6:14 am

    There is a HUGE difference between being run over by a car and the sideview mirror bumping someone. The student was let back in school because it was investigated and determined to be an accident. It was the NEW Dean of Girls that extended herself and asked administration to let the student back into SHS.

    By the way…if you want to critique someone’s English, you should check you own. It’s “run”, not “ran” over.

  11. 11 Joe Mamma Mar 7th, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    I have the police report. It is NOT told by witnesses that this was a accident. She was hit hard enough to knock her to the ground. I’d say that it was more than a bump. And she was hit hard enough that the mirror was knocked off into her arms when it was over. Student was charged with criminal recklessness and reckless driving. This was witnessed by another administrator, who backed up Ms. Reynolds. This being ALL in the police report.
    I’d say that this is another story that matches up with “John Smith’s story”.

    “The New Dean” was not a dean UNTIL THIS YEAR. That might explain why he is in school this year after only spending about 4 or 5 weeks in alterative school. My point is that, 5 DAYS after he ran her down, he was back at SHS. He should of been put in alterative school and not allowed back into SHS.

    BY THE WAY… I am not a teacher, nor do I claim to be. I’d think that a teacher would be able to write correctly or at least I’d hope so.
    It’s “your” not “you” own.

  12. 12 Admin Mar 7th, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    Let’s not get back into attacking people for spelling, grammar or mistakes. Trust me, it’s less than commendable on both sides of the argument. Stick to the issues please.

  13. 13 Joe Mamma Mar 7th, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Your right Jason, I apologize for my part.
    Did you get a chance to read the Franklin Township minutes yet?
    Do you agree that it is a good thing that the board ask for bids?
    I think it might be worth one and a half million dollars.
    As far as Susan questioning Bill Brown, I believe she does the same job as him, in Decatur Township. So she would know his job as well seeing how they are the same.

  14. 14 Anthony Karushis Mar 7th, 2007 at 1:11 pm

    Joe Mamma,
    Since you are not a teacher or adminstrator at that school, I assume you do not have access to all the information about that specific situation. I would imagine that a process was set that had to be followed. I don’t know any of this for sure, but I’d suggest that if you don’t know (this goes for everyone) you do a thorough research of the situation before you make a decision on whether or not it has been handled correctly.

    Getting back to the issues at hand, this is exactly what we have been asking of the school board.

  15. 15 Admin Mar 7th, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    I don’t believe there’s anything necessarily wrong with going out and asking for bids. I think the problem is when you take the work done by someone else and then use that work to get a lower bidder. I also believe there’s value in having a long-term trusted relationship with a supplier who has demonstrated numerous times of giving back to the education in the township.

    I think this is also another example of how if the board had not acted the way they have in the previous four months, this type of behaviour would have been more acceptable. The problem is that becuase there is no trust of the board on their intentions, motives or agendas, that every action they take is suspect and that is why this has quickly progressed far above the issue with them trying to terminate Dr. William’s contract.

  16. 16 William-ized Mar 7th, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    Admn- If you look in last weeks Southside Times the two letters about the school board are from vendor’s of this township who stand to lose out if changes are made.
    * just a observation

  17. 17 Confused Mar 7th, 2007 at 3:34 pm

    I agree with Adams that the Edison Schools are not healthy for our township. I also concur that a class action lawsuit would be upheld against the township.

    It may be a dead horse in some people’s mind but I have thought long and hard about this issue.

    Simply stated, there are children not receiving the same public education from the same school corporation. Some receive more education and resources.

    I have asked this 100 times but nobody wants to try to answer this for me to understand.

    If Edison is so great and doesn’t cost any more than any other Elementary then why don’t we use Edison for all school?

    Truth is, as far as I can tell, Edison cost more. Period. The lucky ones get it and others do not. The beginning design of enrollment was simply done to avoid re-districting.

  18. 18 KELL Mar 7th, 2007 at 4:39 pm



  19. 19 ken Mar 7th, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    I don’t think that the Edison schools are an issue, they have been part of the township for over 5 years. Susan Adams makes it very well known that the schools are an issue for her, but remember there are 2 sides to every issue.

    Did you attend the school board meeting in which Max Oldham explained how some non Edison schools in the township actually cost more and that some cost less? While I am not an expert at the data, I feel you should contact Max for additional clairification. He could certainly provide you with some wonderful information.

    You state that there “are children not receiving the same public education from the same school corporation”. Having said that, is it your opinion that every child receives the exact same education? Each elementary school offers something slightly different. Some focus on the arts, some the sciences, etc., etc. By offering something different does it make them wrong or unique??

    I would urge you to contact an expert such as Max with your questions.

  20. 20 Janet Pernell Mar 7th, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    To Joe Mamma:
    Thanks to a phone call that I received after school today, I now know who you are. I have never had your child in my class nor have I ever even spoken to your child. Please do not put words in my mouth and say that I have said things that I have not. I speak very well for myself. By the way, I too am glad that I teach math and not English. Maybe that is why I graduated from Purdue with a B.S. in mathematics and not a B.A. in English. As far as I am concerned, any conversation with you is over. I did not get on here to personally attack anyone, only to defend the excellent school at which I am proud to teach.

  21. 21 We Support Adams Mar 7th, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    I wondered about Edison schools as well. Not only about the higher cost, but it seems odd to me that Edison kids are funneled into the same middle schools and then onto the same high schools as every non Edison kid. So, what’s the point of an Edison school in the first place? If the Edison schools are so superior to the non Edison schools, why not contract out the entire township to Edison so all the kids have the same benefit.

  22. 22 Amy Stinson Mar 7th, 2007 at 6:33 pm

    Confused said:

    “Simply stated, there are children not receiving the same public education from the same school corporation. Some receive more education and resources.”

    Is it more or different? To be fair, there is a different dynamic at any school and that dynamic is not dependent upon the material resources as much as the human resources.

    Those who want their children to succeed academically know there has to be an active support system at home and some of us actively supplement our children’s learning through experiences, routines, rules, and expectations.

    An education is what someone wants to put into it. Teach your children a lifelong love of learning and make resources available at home and it won’t matter so much what school they attend.

  23. 23 Mrs. Butler Mar 7th, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    Good for you, Janet Pernell!! And good for all of the wonderful teachers in MSDPT!

    Ken, you are absolutely correct about the Edison issues. Max Oldham gave a fantastic presentation last fall, clearly detailing costs of Edison and comparing costs of all of the other elementaries.

    In addition, we learned about how the Edison schools were a trial for many of the Edison concepts to bring to the other schools in the township. The other elementaries, as well as the 6th grade academies, have then adopted many of the concepts into their own curriculum. “Bench marks” is one example of what Edison has brought to the district. It is a terrific tool used to measure the individual student’s growth and progress. Students are then able to set goals and feels successful about their individual growth, even if they don’t ‘measure up’ to so-and-so who sits next to them.

  24. 24 Joe Mamma Mar 7th, 2007 at 11:34 pm


    I talked to Barbara Thompson tonight and I ask her point blank, If she had ANY agenda’s when she was running for School Board. Her answer was yes, She wanted to help make changes to make our schools better and equal education for ALL of our children.
    I asked her point blank if she had ANY “personal vendettas” or “axes to grind”. She replied “NO”. I told her rumor has it that you are “pissed” because of an incident that happened with her son, and I referred to her web-site. She said that the reason she wanted to get involved was to makes some changes with policies. She put her web-site out there, and she was contacted by many people who have dealt with similar problems, they also were seeking for a change.
    ( Obviously, there were enough who backed her, she got elected. That would make a lot of people in PT. who had “axes to grind”)
    And I would like to say to you Jason, “Certain SHS employees” claims that “John Smith’s” claims that there are daily fights, knifes pulled out on teachers, getting to come back to school in 3 days.
    Administrators being hit by a truck in the parking lot, student coming back to school in 5 days.
    These things don’t happen in My School… Well, I have more than one police report, all incendents happening at SHS.
    I would be more that happy to share them with you Jason. This would show that some of these things DO happen at SHS.

  25. 25 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 12:16 am

    Joe, feel free to e-mail me at with directions on how to obtain the police reports for myself. Or, you can scan and e-mail them to me directly.

  26. 26 ken Mar 8th, 2007 at 9:06 am

    To We Support Adams,

    Don’t jump to conclusions about the cost of Edison until you have done your research. For those of you who have questions or wish to do research, once again I urge you to contact Max. He has the facts and figures and is certainly in a position to explain, in much greater detail, the costs but more importantly explain the comparisons.

    Regarding the “Edison kids being funneled into the same middle school”. I’m very confused by this. The Facts are that one Edison school exists on the east side of the district (which feeds Southport High School) and the other exists on the west side of the district (which feeds Perry Meridian). This is a fact, so the information placed here by “we support adams” is incorrect.

  27. 27 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 9:26 am

    I believe his statement about funneling them into the same school was meant that the Edison students are funneled into the same school as students from the other schools.

    His argument still doesn’t make sense. They don’t like Edison, but they want us to setup an entire 12-year educational program to totally segregate our students from the rest of the schools. I would support that too though, from what I’ve personally seen with the involvement of my family in Edison schools, I wouldn’t think twice about trying to get my son into a program like that.

    Graduates from Harvard and local community colleges are funneled into the same workforce too, I guess he has a problem there too. Sounds to me like he’s dreaming of a very socialist society where the above average are held back and the below average are made to feel adequate.

  28. 28 ken Mar 8th, 2007 at 11:31 am


    Thank you for the clarification on what We Support Adams was saying. I apologize for my misinterpretation.

    I think we need to be careful about saying that Edison is better. At least that is NOT what I am saying. I think it is different. It works for some kids/families and does not work for others. What it does give this township is the same thing that New Tech High would have brought…..a different way of presenting the same material and a different approach to learning. WHY IS THIS BAD??

    In regards to different types of kids being funneled into the same school…..that happens with kids from within the same school. What is the issue? There are some kids that will learn and retain at a better rate than others. Advanced classes exist at non Edison schools…..should we target those kids? Those classes do not exist to set those kids apart; those classes exist to continually challenge those kids. The reverse is true for those that may need additional support or assistance. Kids that need additional support or assistance and kids that need to be continually challenged exist at ALL of the elementary schools so why single out Edison? It would be no different than singling out a non Edison elementary school.

    Keep in mind that the same issues exist whether we are talking about an Edison or non-Edison school.

  29. 29 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 11:54 am

    In response to an earlier comment. I don’t believe what Susan Adams does at Decatur is anywhere close to what Bill Brown does or has done for Perry Township. From what I understand, her job is much closer to Jim Vance than Bill Brown.

  30. 30 Confused Mar 8th, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    Read carefully, not what you want to read.

    Every child should have the same access to resources to learning.

    Yes I was at the Board meeting when Edison was outlined. Edison cost more. Period.

    If Edison doesn’t cost more and as KELL indicates above, they are superior, wow, why don’t we do that for all the children in the township. Like it or not, the Edison schools have created classes in Perry Township. The Edison people love Edison and as KELL stated, they truely believe they are superior. WOW.

    All I am saying is this. If it is so great, and doesn’t cost us more, then why do we just do it with two schools? I suggest we do it with all Ele. or none, that is all.

  31. 31 Confused Mar 8th, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    I should have read all responses before posting my last response.

    You guys are not hearing what I am trying to say.

    I really don’t care about cost. If Edison is so great, then do it for all schools. Why create this Elitist attitide and perception from non-Edison parents that Edison people think they are better. Edison is Harvard while the others is a Community College, nice analogy.

    Several of you posted to make my point for me on this matter. Several state how awesome and superior Edison is. I don’t need Max to show me the numbers either. You want me to ask Max because you didn’t understand the whole presentation of cost, and you were not alone.

    Cost is not relevent to my arguement. At least to a certain extent.

    Do it for all or do it for none. What is the arguement against doing Edison for all Elementary Schools?

  32. 32 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    When someone proves to me that a student at Clinton Young gets the same education as one at Douglas MacArthur, or Mary Bryan or Abraham Lincoln, then I’ll grant you some room to complain about Edison not being fair.

  33. 33 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 12:28 pm

    My comment about Harvard and community college was not stating that Edison is Harvard and other schools were community colleges. My statement was that there is a difference between education institutions because of methods, staff, policies and more. It’s a fact of life. The other difference is that the Edison program is a test bed for changing the way education is done in America. I believe it works, if more things were run like a business, there’d be much more opportunity for what’s broken to fail completely and what works to be emulated. Instead we’ve got government funded programs across the gamut that merely continue to exist because they’re subsidized. Edison is no different than New Tech High, it’s another way. Are you against New Tech High? Are you saying that we should destroy SHS and PMHS and just make them all one big New Tech High?

    If cost isn’t part of your argument, then why is it continuing to be brought up? The other part of your argument that you’re failing to understand is that Edison methods are being spread and used in the other schools in our township. It is very much a cooperative effort. The passion shown by Edison parents and families is no different than the passion shown by parents of private school or home-schooled kids. For us, it’s the way we want our children educated, and we don’t want someone telling us we can’t have it that way.

  34. 34 ken Mar 8th, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    As an Edison parent, I am not stating that our school is any better than any other township elementary school. I am just very happy with the education that my child is receiving and am therefore passionate about it as a school and educational facility.

    Having said that, I have over 7 years experience with DM and am just as passionate about that school. I watched 2 family members attend DM and receive a wonderful education from a wonderful staff!! I have other family members who attended Burkhart; they also received a wonderful education from a wonderful staff!!!

    My personal conclusion is that MSDPT offers a wonderful education to the residents of Perry Township. The township offers things not found in surrounding districts or in districts state wide. Those things are:

    1. Limited school choice
    2. Alternative school
    3. Rise learning center
    4. The Edison concept (NOT elite, but different)
    5. The slim possiblity of New Tech High

  35. 35 Mrs. Butler Mar 8th, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    Confused….I agree. You Are! I’m an Edison parent, and I don’t know how many times I have to shout it from the mountain-top. I DO NOT think I am superior, nor do I think my child is superior to anyone else’s!! Stop with the accusations!

    I have friends who CHOOSE not to send their kids to Edison school. They have a variety of reasons, but it is their CHOICE!! I was scared to pieces to send my little boy to Edison. I interviewed Mr. Robinson for 1 1/2 hours before the school was even built. I researched the Edison concept thoroughly. I didn’t even plan to send my child to a MSDPT school at all, but I decided to give it a chance. I put his name in the ‘draw’ and prayed that if it wasn’t where God wanted him to go, that he would not be chosen to go there. Well,..he was chosen, and I had to trust in God that it was what was best for him.

    Do I think it is best for every child and every family? No. That’s why there are choices. Just like there are choices on a menu, choices of cable companies, choices of physicians, choices of professions, and the list goes on and on. If every elementary was an Edison school, then it would take away CHOICES!!

    I do find it interesting that Mrs. Thompson declared that her son attends a charter school in Decatur, and that if someone tried to take it away from her, that she would also be upset. She said that she thought the Edison schools were good, but then voted against the contract renewal just 2 weeks later. Will the real Barbara Thompson please stand up??

  36. 36 beyond worried Mar 8th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    Cost for Edison, or not. It won’t matter, by the time this board is done with the Township, we won’t be able to afford a pencil!!

  37. 37 We Support Adams Mar 8th, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    One of my issues with Edison is that it is a ‘for profit’ system. Someone, somewhere, is making money from this relationship. A profit motive is driving the the Edison value system. Edison needs growth to survive and that is why they sell local school systems on their ’superior’ education products. Williams was sold on the idea and Perry Township become another revenue stream for Edison. I don’t think the share holders of Edison (Nasdaq: EDSN) would be happy if Terry Stecz would say “we are a not-for-profit corporation”.

    I applaud the free enterprise system as competition excites innovation in product and service. However, free enterprise belongs in the private sector. Turning the management of public schools supported by public tax dollars to a private enterprise violates this principle.

    Since Edison is a private company and they manage Rosa Parks and Jeremiah Gray, those schools should be considered private schools and should be financially supported 100% by the parents with kids enrolled at those schools, not with the tax dollars collected from the parents who have kids in non Edison schools. How many parents would send their kids to an Edison school if they had to pay private school tuition in addition to their property taxes?

  38. 38 Confused Mar 9th, 2007 at 7:36 am


    You said “passion shown by Edison parents and families is no different than the passion shown by parents of private school or home-schooled kids. ”

    This is one of my points.

    Secondly, my point has nothing to do with getting the “same” education. I am talking quality. If Edison’s quality is better and more effective then why not do it everywhere so that we don’t contribute to the thinking that Edison kids are different than other kids in the township.

    Why is it so difficult for Edison people to understand what I am trying to say?

  39. 39 Confused Mar 9th, 2007 at 7:42 am

    Mrs. Butler,

    Why do you have to continue to shout that you don’t think you are superior? There is a reason you have to keep defending yourself. It is the actions of Edison parents that created the perception that their children are better due to Edison. Edison kids are continually compared to private schools etc…

    Were you at the Board meeting when Edison parents stood up and defended Edison? I was and it was clear to me and many others that some have an Elitist attitide.

    One parent if I remember correctly stated Edison kids are different than the other Perry Township kids or something like that.

    You guys are missing my position. I am not against Edison. I just don’t understand why it is not corporation wide if it is so awesome and doesn’t cost that much more.

    I am sure every kid would like a laptop for their homework. I wish my kids had Spanish while in Elementary school. These are differences that make a difference to me.

    Yes, Clinton Young offers the same classes as any other non-Edison shool. Try taking Spanish at Clinton Young though.

  40. 40 Confused Mar 9th, 2007 at 7:45 am

    Mrs. Butler,

    I am sorry but your post is something else. You weren’t going to send your “little boy” to MSDPT. Humm??? That is until Edison was available. That, by itself indicates that you think Edison is better than other MSDPT schools.

    Also, I am getting tired of certain religous yanks. I am a Christian and apparently you are too, but God doesn’t desire your child to go to any school over the other.

    God doesn’t want your child to go anywhere but only to follow him.

  41. 41 Admin Mar 9th, 2007 at 9:02 am

    I disagree, I think God is very interestd in where we send our kids and how we raise them. Mrs Butler felt that for her child the existing schools in Perry Township would not have been the best option for her. She did in-depth research into the Edison program and the personnel and decided that for her child, it was the better decision.

    I don’t believe any parent really believes their child has more worth or intrinsic value than any other child. Our passion for our children may overshadow the message we’re trying to send, and that is that we value our children and we value the choice we have in Edison for our kids.

    To answer your question about a quality education not an identical education is a tough subject. The methods being tested and used at Edison schools are being shared across the township to the other schools. But as was stated before, making all schools Edison schools would eliminate choice in the township and we’re not interested in doing that either. As a specific response to you, I’m sure Spanish could be offered at other elementary schools, and absolutely should be at this point, however I’m sure it’s a condition of financial costs. I’m sure the costs that have been incurred by the current board could supply a floating Spanish teacher or two for the district.

  42. 42 Mrs. Butler Mar 10th, 2007 at 1:01 am

    Confused, again, I agree. You are.

    I wasn’t going to send my child to an MSDPT school because I was afraid of a large township. I moved here from a much smaller district after my “little boy” was run over by a garbage truck. After he nearly died, I felt compelled to protect him because he suffered from post traumatic stress in addition to his life threatening injuries. I was certain that I would send my child to the Christian school where one of my other children attended. I was curious when I heard about Edison and wanted to know more. My husband had known Mr. Robinson for many years and trusted him completely, which is why we considered sending our son to his school. I was so pleased with the school once my son started there, that I realized my fear of the large township was fading. I realized that my son was happy, he was making lots of great friends, and we felt that it was going to be an option for him to continue his education in the MSDPT system throughout middle and high school. Stop judging me until you’ve walked in my shoes. You can’t imagine what it was like for me to watch my little boy suffer while my husband was also fighting for his life in another hospital. God saved my little boy’s life(and my husband’s), and I trust Him in every decision I make for my son. My faith has sustained me, so don’t mock me for praying about where my son goes to school.

    Yes, I heard the comment that one parent made about Edison kids being better. One parent does not represent the whole. Surely you must understand that. I did not agree with the comment then, nor do I now. I know a lot of terrific, well-behaved children who attend Lincoln, Burkhart, MacArthur, and Glenn’s Valley, as well as St. Mark, Calvary, St. Jude, St. Roch, and St. Barnabas.

    My correspondence with you will cease from this point on. Your only interest is to fight and mock me. I’m finished.

  43. 43 Teresa Smith Mar 11th, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    As I have read through the comments, two things come to mind.

    First, there is a sense of school pride that occurs at every school. When I was in K-12, the Braves were the best. The were better than the Tigers, the Pioneers, the Kings, etc. We were the best!! It didn’t matter that the Tigers beat our football team, basketball team, swim team, track team, debate team, etc. We were the best!! We did beat the Tigers, too. However, if we didn’t, we were still better than them or so we thought.

    It is a sense of pride. It is team spirit. It is school pride. That occurs within our school system. We are on the PMS side. However, PMS is better than Southport. HOLD ON!! This is for demonstration purposes only. When you remove yourself from the school pride, Perry isn’t better than Southport. They are in the same school system - MSDPT. They have the same opportunities. However, we are rivals. Southport thinks they are better than Perry. Perry thinks they are better than Southport. That is human nature. We are proud of our schools — as it should be!!

    It goes down to the elementary schools. My kids went to Glenns Valley. I think Glenns Valley is wonderful. You wouldn’t believe the rivalry between MacArthur and Glenns Valley. We started out at Glenns Valley and then choiced when we moved into the MacArthur district. If we would have moved before the kids started at Glenns Valley, we would have gone to MacArthur. Guess who we would have thought was the best if we went to MacArthur!!

    So, don’t take it so out of context when someone thinks that Edison is the best! Would you rather that people that went to Edison hated it and thought it was a terrible program? If people are so happy about Edison, then we must have something right going on with Edison

    Second, the comment has been made on several occassions that we are a township divided. I agree. However, I firmly believe that if you look at the pie graph of the people in Perry Township who are interested in what is going on with the school system, 85-90% is orange. The other part is comprised of the “We support Adams” and the Undecided.

    Mrs. Butler, I am so happy that you found a wonderful educational program for your son. I love that Perry Township has options. I have said on several occasions that I feel that attracts citizens to our township. I was happy to read your confirmation of that fact. I am involved with TBPS as a citizen and parent of students. I am not a vendor nor am I an employee.

  44. 44 Rebecca Kimmey Mar 13th, 2007 at 9:58 am

    I have been reading this site for months now, and have been sickened by some of the comments that have been made. In addition, I have also been going to as many school board meetings as possible those are even worse. However, I have never posted anything. I just wanted to say that it is nice to see positive comments from Mrs. Butler and Ms. Smith, no matter where their children go to school. You both what is best for your children. And I agree with you both 100%.

    Thank you!
    Go Bulldogs!

  1. 1 Edison’s Not the Only For Profit in the Township at Citizens in Support of Dr. Williams Pingback on Mar 8th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

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