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I’ve been doing a little reading on Barbara Thompson’s website and found the following quote to be interesting.

I will make myself available to hear your concerns. I will be the parent and the children’s advocate. You should be heard and if elected I would listen. Your tax dollars pay the salaries.

Our teachers should be heard, as their input is imperative. For example, what should or what should not be removed from the curriculum. How does it affect the classroom? The teachers are not there just to present the lessons, they are there to teach our children and they should have a voice.

What do you think?

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  1. 1 Owen Feb 21st, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    I think if they intend to keep their promises and listen to our concerns. Then they will schedule the Public Forum that was approved 4-3 at the January 8th, 2007 School Board Meeting.

  2. 2 Admin Feb 22nd, 2007 at 12:15 am

    It will never happen under their authority or agreement. Rubie Alexander has already stated she’ll never participate in a public forum.

    Adams and Walsh can’t handle the public in a school board meeting where they’re in control, you think they’ll agree to a public forum where they’re not in control and more people will be able to see through the lies and get a glance at the truth.

  3. 3 Owen Feb 22nd, 2007 at 1:44 am

    I agree it will probably never happen under their authority. The resolution for the public forum was approved 4-3. I find it frusterating that they can pick and choose which resolution they want to ignore with impunity. Surely there must be some violation of by-laws or breach of office that can be referenced to enforce compliance or removal from their position. This resolution was passed as part of an open door policy for the school board members to explain their actions to the public (excluding personnel issues). Mr. Maple and Mrs. Houchin asked about scheduling the public forum at the last school board meeting and were promptly ignored. I believe we need to reinforce their commitment to the public and keep pressuring them for a public forum meeting. I may be misinformed, but my understanding is, the public has a right to require a public town hall forum to question the actions of our elected officials, including elected school board members.

  4. 4 DMM Feb 22nd, 2007 at 5:58 am

    Typical of politicians of any sort. Tell people what they want to hear before the election and then turn on them once they’re in office. No one will believe what she says the next time. Unfortunately that isn’t anytime soon.

  5. 5 john Kindred Feb 22nd, 2007 at 11:59 pm

    We need to put some teeht into our actions as we fight to take back Perry Schools.

    What can we do to legally nullify the School Board’s actions!?!? Do we have any lawyers in the audience who can help us??

    We know the Gang has operated unethically, but have they violated Indiana Code? We need to prove they did. If we can, then we can have their actions declared null and void. We need their action of placing Dr. Williams on administrative leave declared null and void.

    Some thoughts. According to the Open Door Law (IC 5-14-1.5 Chapter 1.5. Public Meetings (Open Door Law)), a meeting must be publicized before it can be held. Was Sue Adams’ one-on-one discussion with all three of the other Gang of Four members a “meeting?” Read the below excerpt from the November 13, 2006, Board Minutes to see where I am going.

    “Mrs. Adams stated that she and Mrs. Walsh had been discussing the Board’s relationship with Dr. Williams since early October and after conversations with other Board members, to inquire whether there would be a majority vote, and they decided to add the Resolution to the agenda. Mrs. Adams assured the Board members that individual telephone calls were made with no informal meetings taking place. “

    Since Sue discussed with three other board members placing Dr. Williams on Paid Administrative Leave AND asked them their vote, could that be construed as a “meeting?” If so, it was an illegal meeting and it is clear that Sue Adams determined she had a majority before proceeding. Since Sue got her vote, she added on agenda item for the next official board meeting to place Dr. Williams on PAL. Had she not had her informal meeting, she certainly would not have put the proposal on the agenda for the next official board meeting. See below excerpt from the Open Door Law.

    “IC 5-14-1.5-7 Violations; remedies; limitations; costs and fees
    (1) obtain a declaratory judgment;
    (2) enjoin continuing, threatened, or future violations of this chapter; or
    (A) taken at an executive session in violation of section 3(a) of this chapter;
    (C) that is based in whole or in part upon official action taken at any executive session in violation of section 3(a) of this chapter or at any meeting of which notice is not given in accordance with section 5 of this chapter; or
    (D) taken at a meeting held in a location in violation of section 8 of this chapter.
    The plaintiff need not allege or prove special damage different from that suffered by the public at large.”

    PS Do you remeber how at the previous official School Board meeting, the board discussed the new lawyer they wanted and we were assured that the new lawyer was not hired with the intent of getting rid of Dr. Williams?

  6. 6 Interested observer Feb 23rd, 2007 at 6:13 am

    John, from what I understand, the reason Susan called the members individually, rather than meeting with the three, was to avoid violating the Open Door Law.

    While she may have technically followed the law, I believe the violated the spirit of the law.

  7. 7 Owen Feb 23rd, 2007 at 11:47 am

    As I read these posts, 2 names seem to appear over and over, Adams and Walsh. While Adams and Walsh might be the ring leaders, Barbara Thompson and Rubie Alexander are equally culpable. Thank you Admin for reminding me that it took 4 members to create this mess, and it would only take 1 swing vote to begin healing the rift they created. Adams and Walsh appear too entrenched and stubborn to admit they may have made a mistake, even when presented with factual evidence countering their claims.

    Rubie Alexander: I can understand how offensive the “N” word is to our generation. I can also understand the importance of keeping historical perspectives accurate. I would never advocate changing Alex Haley’s “Roots” because I find some of the historical meanings offensive! Dr. Williams did not suggest that PMHS perform “Ragtime”, he only supported the teachers decision. I’m not so sure the great Dr. Martin Luther King himself would object to performing historical plays with historical accuracy. I believe you mentioned at one of the board meetings, that you felt Dr. King would support your decision regarding Dr. Williams. I must respectfully disagree, Dr. King would have supported removal of Dr. Williams if the reasons to remove him were factually supported (read the fact sheets countering the timeline claims by Adams). The Timeline of events presented by Susan Adams is full of mis-interpretations that are not factually supported. Dr. King was alive during a time of great prejudice and racial discourse, yet he advocated tolerence and peaceful disobedience. I do not believe he would support ruining a man’s reputation and creating community strife without solid supporting proof. Rubie, your decision also effects thousands of people in Perry Township. I’m asking you to reconsider all the current evidence available, without input from the other board members, and put aside your personal feelings for Dr. Williams, and ask yourself, what is best for the students and educators of Perry Township.

    Barbara Thompson: I don’t know what Susan Adams promised you to get you to support her for School Board President, (maybe, you support me and I will support you for an officer position). It appears obvious that she manipulated the officer election vote before it was presented to the entire board. I suspect that when you ran for the school board position, your intentions were pure and you wanted to do something good for the community, I can respect that. Now you find yourself in a precarious situation, the public meetings are hostile, some of your constituents are adversarial, not what you expected? Ever wonder why the board members with the most experience have views that are at polar opposite to those with the least experience? I am sure Sue Adams will try to convince you it is because they are all DR. William’s cronies! Mrs. Adam’s Timeline of events are not factually supported (read the fact sheets countering the timeline claims by Adams). The Indianapolis Star has independently reviewed the information and has taken the stance that there is no evidence to support terminating Dr. Williams. I don’t know what personal reasons Mrs. Adams has against Dr. Williams, but I do know it’s not professional. If she had proof of Dr. William’s misdeeds, then he would already be fired, and we would not need additional lawyers to investigate. You were present at the Finance meeting with Mr. Bailey, did he find any evidence to justify terminating Dr. Williams? If you go back and review the minutes of the meetings (ie: 10/23/2006), you will see that Sue Adams has repeatedly lied to the other board members and to the public. Do you truely believe she would not lie to you also? Adams and Alexanders terms are up for re-election next year, they probably will not be re-elected, what are you going to do then? You still have 3 years on your term, do you really want to serve them in confrontational and hostile meetings?
    Mrs. Buffie offered an olive branch at the last meeting with her resolution to mediate with Dr. Williams. Let’s not convict him without due process.

    Nancy Walsh: You have made several claims about being the swing vote, doing the right thing, etc. Read the Barbara Thompson paragraph above, it also applies to you.

    Susan Adams: You have damaged my trust in you beyond repair.

  8. 8 Kelly M/S Feb 23rd, 2007 at 4:11 pm

    “Ever wonder why the board members with the most experience have views that are at polar opposite to those with the least experience? I am sure Sue Adams will try to convince you it is because they are all DR. William’s cronies!”

    No-they are Dr. Williams rubber stampers. If you look over the board meeting minutes from the past two years it is pretty easy to see that.

    And of course that is not what anyone expects when being newly elected to a board. You also don’t expect to find multiple violations of IC and the Bylaws and have to call these indiscretions to the attention of the public/media outlets. Heaven forbid the board actually act as the check and balance of the Superintendent.

  9. 9 Veritas Gaurdian Feb 23rd, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    Kelly M/S,

    —— Before jumping to conclusions about the rubber stamping actions of our school board, take a look at other districts in the area that are considered to be well functioning. How often have they had unanimous decisions over the past several years?

    It is easy to consider something as bad when you look at it in a vacuum. When you compare it to something that is considered to be an exemplar, maybe it is not so out of the ordinary. I am researching other districts in the area in regard to the relationship between superintendent initiatives and school board votes. Not that you are really interested in facts.


  10. 10 Kelly M/S Feb 23rd, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    Yes I agree. And it is not jumping to conclusions. Upon reviewing every single board minute from the past two years it just appears to me to be that way.

    Also ask yourself how long those districts have had their superintendent…does anyone know who the second longest running superintendent is in this State? Just a thought, but I think Superintendents should be a termed position just like the school board members. It is too easy (and I am not saying this is what happened here-AT ALL-this is a reflection upon the position as a whole) for someone to be in this kind of position of power for so long and control so much that their ego gets to them or they might do something corrupt, (again, NOT stating that Dr. Williams did) or unethical/immoral, or simply stop caring and they are just there because it is simply their job to be there every day. And face it, they get compensated pretty well in my opinion.

    And why is it that Dr. Williams was interested in running for a political seat in the District? Does anyone have specific info regarding this so that I don’t make assumptions or state things without facts?

  11. 11 Kelly M/S Feb 23rd, 2007 at 10:06 pm

    This was a “rumor” and I just want to know if there is any fact to back it up. Thanks.

  12. 12 Admin Feb 24th, 2007 at 1:19 pm

    Kelly M/S, I would normally agree with you on term limits for most positions, but since the position of superintendent is not elected I will disagree. My other reason is that to make changes in a school district takes time: time to research, time to implement, time to review and time to modify. If a superintendent’s term was 4 years, there’s not enough time to accomplish a strong vision plan that’s needed. This illustrates why we need to come together with all parties to determine a course of action and move forward in all areas related to improving education in our township.

  13. 13 William-ized Mar 2nd, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    more attorney’s? INVESTAGATING? Did someone give 3 month notice? Problem’s in the operating expense’s? Your problems get keep mounting against you TBPS.

  14. 14 Kelly Butler Mar 2nd, 2007 at 4:03 pm

    What?? I’m sorry, William-ized, but I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Your post doesn’t make sense. Could you please clarify?

  15. 15 beyond worried Mar 2nd, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    This is all above and beyond crazy. This is what happens when people with very big egos are in charge. Nothing they do is wrong or wasteful…There has got to be a way taxpayers can sue the “board of 4″ for wasting our money, time, and most of all our children. This has got to stop. It is beyond being out of control. Do you know what we look like to the rest of the state?

  16. 16 Amy Stinson Mar 3rd, 2007 at 8:06 am


    Am I missing something here?

    Let us recap.

    Jon Bailey was hired to represent the ‘board’ in finding cause to fire Williams. 3 months later he can’t find anything and suggests that the ‘board’ hire, among others, Bob Reiling, Jr. who successfully got a school corporation out of a contract with a superintendent, who was suspended by a board. That’s where the similarity ends. The lawyer was able to win that case because THAT superintendent sued the school corporation and supposedly created a climate where the board and superintendent could not mediate. That is not the case here.

    What problem in the operating expenses caused by Williams. We NOW have problems in operating expenses because whole bunch of money is being thrown at lawyers to solve personality conflicts that apparently God himself can’t solve. Where is your outrage there?

    It should be interesting, but is by no means a done deal.

  17. 17 William-ized Mar 5th, 2007 at 10:38 am

    Oh sorry I was so excited when I heard Brown resigned. Oh and I was giddy when I heard that they were passing out the Edison bonus’ list at the next meeting. Jerimah Greed and Rosa Perks principles and teachers SHOULD be smiling, it should be interesting reading for the regular elementary teachers.
    No wonder you Edi$on $chool teacher$ are $quealing about the $upt leaving and the $chool Board finding out about all the bonu$ money.
    OMG! are there attorney’s in the administration building? Gotcha Brown- Gotcha Williams-Gotcha PTEF-No, the savings of salaries alone will overcome all this attorney fees. Some might have to pay it back. What happens when the Edison contract is null and void due to greed. What happens to contractors being paid more than they quoted? What happens to kickbacks to admininstrators? Yikes, I am just guessing here, but sounds like a whole bunch of problems that are finally being addressed.
    My outrage is purely simple, there is one reason and one reason only that TBPS has been created by a 3 time loser, greed,power. And it is all falling down on you all.

  18. 18 Admin Mar 5th, 2007 at 10:46 am

    William-ized, I’ll let you have your opinion about Edison schools and I’m sure you’ll be surprised as well when you see the list of bonuses that were all legitimate bonuses and were established in the initial contract that was just agreed upon by the existing board for renewal. If they had a problem with it, why did they approve it? Sounds like you might be calling your own lovely four a rubber-stamp board.

    Also, TBPS wasn’t created by anyone other than myself and the other supporting members of our group. Williams isn’t behind this at all. It’s sad that you can’t understand that people can be as passionate and involved in an issue as you are without being manipulated by others. If that’s not true, then who exactly is manipulating you?

  19. 19 ken Mar 5th, 2007 at 11:25 am

    I have read comments by William-ied over the past several months. While I have been trying to follow their reasoning, my opinion leads me to believe that they are either uninformed, misinformed or have a very large personal ax to grind. While they may continue to post on this site, I will not be reading their future comments.

    Admin brings up a great point! The current board wishes to make decisions before researching ALL of the facts. Notice I said facts….not hearsay, gossip or rumor. They have issues with Dr. Williams, Mr. Brown, the Edison Schools, the Teachers in Perry Township (both Edison and Non-Edison), the PEA president, the Administration in Perry Township, contractors in Perry Township (demographic study contractors, construction contractors, and energy contractors), Parents in Perry Township, and they continue to take issue with voters in Perry Township. I have seen these 4 board members take issue with just about everyone, every party and every organization they come in contact with. Boy, aren’t we glad to have them?????????

    The residents of Perry Township can be thankful that the members of Take Back Perry Schools are concerned with the students. It is clear that the current school board is more concerned about spending educational dollars on high priced attorneys than they are about spending educational dollars on education.

  20. 20 William-ized Mar 5th, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    BS Admn- Lee Robbins money my friend. I was born at night but not last night. Check out his name on the application when you all filed.

  21. 21 William-ized Mar 5th, 2007 at 12:26 pm

    How does it feel for you all to have your bonus publized?
    If Perks and Greed were the top elementary schools in the township, that would be another story. they are not.

  22. 22 Admin Mar 5th, 2007 at 1:44 pm


    1.) Lee Robbins hasn’t paid for a dime of this website. Not sure what you’re talking about here. Lee Robbins didn’t “create” Perry Township TBPS [edited by Admin], he’s a supporter but he’s not the leader.

    2.) If it were me and my bonus publicized, I’d have an issue with it for the same reason you’d have a cow if I knew how much you made and got in bonuses. If it was in the original contract as being an expected part of my compensation, then it’s nobody’s business outside of that agreement.

    Williamized, let me also continue to say that you’re a pretty provocative and ballsy speaker when nobody knows your name. Why don’t you step up to the plate and be a man and let us know who you really are in all of this.

  23. 23 William-ized Mar 5th, 2007 at 3:07 pm

    I will Admn- after all this is over. And I know better on LR. If you take all the credit for this TBPS organization then your wrong. Maybe the website. All this bitterness over a guy who can’t get elected the regular way.Difference between you and me Admn, is your paid by taxpayers, I am not. That makes it public. Its my dime not yours.

    Ballsy? No, just honest. I know more than you. You understand that all this havoc your organizations has raised will be remembered at contract time. People remember faces and names and all the hell raising your organization has done. Kicksbacks to vendors, lies, half truths,special deals, I could go on. You have heard all the accusations. I really don’t care what happens to you or some of your members, its the average teacher, kids, people who count on their livelihood with the township that I care for. Williams has been a bully for so long people thought this was the way it was supposed to be. It is not! It will be though.

  24. 24 Admin Mar 5th, 2007 at 3:15 pm


    What are you talking about? I’m in no way taking all the credit for TBPS, there’s no way. I have managed the websites and am involved in other ways, but there’s no way I could take even a fraction of the credit for “all” of it. What bitterness are you talking about? What exactly do you mean about the difference between you and I being that I’m paid by taxpayers? I REALLY want an explanation of that one.

    I don’t believe hiding behind a moniker could exactly be attached to the word “honest”. You seem to forget that I do know who you are, I’m just wanting you to share it with the world. That is unless you’re impersonating someone else’s e-mail address, and if that’s the case, then you’ve obviously got even more character flaws than just hiding behind the “William-ized” tag.

    I hope they do remember faces and names. I just think you’re still going to be surprised which ones they support in the next elections. You’re worried about the “hell” we’re raising when all we’ve been asking for is integrity and truth in actions. Something we’ve yet to see from this board. I have no problem with them going after Dr. Williams, that is if they’d gone about it in an intelligent way to begin with from the start. And please oh “honest” and more knowing one, please share FACTS with vendor kickbacks.

    I’ve seen far less bullying from Dr. Williams in the past 13 years than I’ve seen from this board and their own supporters in the past 5 months.

  25. 25 PerryTeacher Mar 5th, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Edison teachers are paid more than “regular” teachers because their school year is longer. They work more days.

    Is this the “bonus” you refer to in your smears, “william-ized”?

  26. 26 Nancy (Cassady) Douglass Mar 5th, 2007 at 6:18 pm

    William-ized just needs to be ignored. He clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s not even worth the time it takes to respond to him. If he really felt strongly about what he’s alluded to in his posts - both here and on the Indy Star website, he’d have identified himself just like the rest of us have.

  27. 27 Tim Nance Mar 5th, 2007 at 11:00 pm

    Nancy C.D. is exactly right. I don’t mind someone posting anonymously if they are merely expressing their opinion. But this guy takes personal cheap shots at a lot of people. Some of these people I know personally and admire greatly. After this post, I also will completely ignore his mean spirited, vile ramblings. I wonder if he would be more apt to identify himself if he did more than personally attack people and tell lies.

  28. 28 Amy Stinson Mar 6th, 2007 at 8:44 am

    Tim, Nancy, et al,

    Not one person who has supported the stance of the 4 board members has had a coherent, reason based argument. It’s just plain easier to be an anonymous person who can’t support their stance with reasonable facts than a known person.

  29. 29 William-ized Mar 6th, 2007 at 8:54 am

    Knowing me doesnt scare me Admn. But knowing your organization, how it does business, the hatred toward the four board members, what effect does that have in the classrooms?
    Did you notice the Attorney in the Administration Building yesterday interviewing people? Have you noticed Bill Brown working late nights? Did you notice HUH?
    I dont care about your organization, if it were citizens, taxpayers, I would take notice. Most of you are not! Teachers - Vendors -ex-board members whom will lose something when all this is over.And tell the lady that Edison work longer but do they teach better? again where do edison schools rank in the township. Oh and when the list gets in from Edison on who else received bonus’s - can you say Rosa Parks Elementry and Jerimah Gray Elementry?

  30. 30 ken Mar 6th, 2007 at 9:40 am

    Nancy, Tim and Amy,

    Could not agree with you more. I have said it before and I will say it again…..

    The current board wishes to make decisions before researching ALL of the facts. Notice I said facts….not hearsay, gossip or rumor. They have issues with Dr. Williams, Mr. Brown, the Edison Schools, the Teachers in Perry Township (both Edison and Non-Edison), the PEA president, the Administration in Perry Township, contractors in Perry Township (demographic study contractors, construction contractors, and energy contractors), Parents in Perry Township, and they continue to take issue with voters in Perry Township. I have seen these 4 board members take issue with just about everyone, every party and every organization they come in contact with. Boy, aren’t we glad to have them?????????

    The residents of Perry Township can be thankful that the members of Take Back Perry Schools are concerned with the students. It is clear that the current school board is more concerned about spending educational dollars on high priced attorneys than they are about spending educational dollars on education.

  31. 31 Owen Mar 6th, 2007 at 10:23 am

    I am a Perry Township resident, citizen, taxpayer and voter. I do not have any employment relationships with MSDPT. I do not know DR. Williams and I have not seen any evidence that he deserves to be terminated, reprimended maybe, terminated no. This issue is not about Dr. Williams. This issue is about the unethical methods and by-law violations by the “gang of four”. Those who support the 4 board members cite Adams timeline and finance accusations as justification for their viewpoints. We know their arguements have been factually proven to be erroneous. We welcome opposing viewpoints that are supported by fact. Those that continue to support the 4 board members without rationalization only confirm our position that the gang of four are on a personel witch hunt. I’ll admit that I even voted for Nancy Walsh, if I could recind my vote I would. I plan on voting at the next election and will not vote for Adams or Alexander.

  32. 32 Amy Stinson Mar 6th, 2007 at 10:24 am

    Was this attorney a man or a woman?

  33. 33 Nancy (Cassady) Douglass Mar 7th, 2007 at 11:10 am

    Dear William-ized,

    Exactly what do I have to lose when “all this” is over? I’m curious.

    Ex-board members are embarassed by the behavior of these four women. There are policies and protocol for handling the suspension or removal of any administrator. There are also rules and by-laws regarding the admission of public opinion during meetings, as well as properly communicating with your fellow board members. There is also a code of ethics you are sworn to uphold - look it up on the Indiana School Board Association website.

    Had the Board President presented the concerns to the entire board in the proper manner, and initiated an investigation following the proper protocol, then their integrity would have been upheld. Instead, this situation has been distracting and detremental to every person in the township in some way, and it didn’t have to be.

    Dr. Williams, I am sure, is ready to defend his actions and decisions during a properly conducted investigation. This has absolutely not been a properly conducted situation, by any stretch of the imagination. It has cost the township far more than the few thousand dollars spent on attorneys so far. And Bill Brown, along with many others, has a long, long history of working long hours - but of course, you’ve obviously taken only a recent interest in the business of Perry Township, or you’d know how many of the comments you’ve posted are ridiculous.

  34. 34 William-ized Mar 7th, 2007 at 1:30 pm

    Ms Douglas - I am an involved parent, taxpayer of this township and I speak from very opposite ends of the current situation with the Administration and School Board.
    A few points that are facts, than many of you on here doubt because you only listen to one side.
    1.The school board did approve Williams contract 7-0. The board went in with intentions to work with the administration, but was totally ignored by Williams. Things are run his way. That is no way to start a relationship. Only one School Board member had an agenda - B Thompson- she ran because Williams pissed her off.
    2.When asked for information about township business, over and over again requests were ignored. Questions were not answered, reports were not provided and everytime the board had something that they wanted to know they were call micro-managers.
    3.Three of the 4 board members favored Williams and his style of leadership. Four did not. In executive sessions, which are private to public, one member,who was openly critized in public let the public (your side) know everything. So there is one split in the school board.
    4.The other two members were experienced and I may say great representitives of our township. Again they are personal friends of Williams and agreed with his management style.
    5.Ms Alexander - has had about 8 years of Williams and has agreed more than once with him as long as the childdren of the township were taken care of. Ms Adams- had two years of Williams and obviously wanted some different directions which is normal. Ms Alexander was one of the most vocal in the play, Perry Meridian HS “Ragtime” and Williams- the other three board member snubbed their noses at them and let the play run anyway. Of course this created a riff.
    6.Now we have a seperation of ideas and personalities. Odd that the “gang of four” started questioning things that had gone on for years and all of a sudden- they find some things that are just not right- and they start asking questions.
    7.Well as you can see today as I type this answer to you, we have a split township. One reason is we have put teachers against teachers with the Edison Schools. Some think they are privledged and has created a barrier between them and the other schools. Williams has created this. And, with the removal of Williams, there are some vendors, highly paid I might add, that will not be with the township after the new Supt is hired. Hense TBPS.two groups - two different reasons.
    8.Now Pandora’s Box has been opened. They are finding out all sorts of things.Some true others just guessing.
    To sum all this up in one reply to you, these are just the high points. The township keeps running, administrators,teachers, bus drivers continue to do their jobs. Williams “thumb your nose” policy, just didnt work this time with the School Board. His “people” the ones that he could influence with his management style, will have to adjust to the majority of the board wishes and comply. I respect 6 of the 7 board members. they all are more than qualified. They have the ability to work together and benefit the township. It is too bad it all has come down to what we are now experiencing. At least it is coming to an end soon. Some think not but the head of the snake has been cut off.

  35. 35 William-ized Mar 7th, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    TBPS ? Are people stupid? Wearing Orange and having Orange flowers on your desk in the Administration Building? Are you looking for new jobs? I can’t believe it….Laughing to my self here.

  36. 36 Admin Mar 7th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Should those who support TBPS have reason to be afraid for their jobs? I thought the board was just after Dr. Williams? Sounds like this really is a personal vendetta against anyone that doesn’t support the four board members now.

  37. 37 Owen Mar 7th, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    The school board did approve Williams contract 7-0. (Fact)

    “Everytime the board had something that they wanted to know they were call micro-managers.” The purpose of the School Board is to set policy, not micro-manage MSDPT. If they have a problem with Dr. Williams not providing receipts, set the policy they no reimbursements will be provided until receipts are provided.

    “Three of the 4 board members favored Williams and his style of leadership. Four did not.” (Opinion)

    “The other two members were experienced and I may say great representatives of our township. Again they are personal friends of Williams and agreed with his management style.” (Opinion)

    Rubie Alexander: I can understand how offensive the “N” word is to our generation. I can also understand the importance of keeping historical perspectives accurate. Dr. Williams did not suggest that PMHS perform “Ragtime”, he only supported the teachers decision.

    Edison Contract - The Edison contract is legal and has been reviewed by an independent legal firm. If the 4 board members have a problem with the edison contract…why did they renew it?

    As I mentioned earlier, this is not just about Dr. Williams (aka: head of the snake), it is about the unethical methods and by-law violations by the “gang of four”. If you go back and review the minutes of the meetings (ie: 10/23/2006 and 11/13/2006), you will see that Sue Adams has repeatedly lied to the other board members and to the public. We were told Mr. Bailey was hired to investigate Dr Williams, $8,500 and 3 months later, Mr. Bailey found no violations supporting termination. Now we are told that we need to hire 2 additional lawyers to “begin” investigating Dr. Williams. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Walsh met with Mr. Nichols and asked him if he would be willing to assume the duties of Superintendent before the school board meeting. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Walsh met with Mr. Williams and informed him they were placing him on administrative leave before the school board meeting. When Mrs. Buffie asked Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Walsh why she had not been contacted about this action, they responded that they knew she would support Dr. Williams. Mrs. Adams admitted that she has been in discussion with Attorney Bailey since early October about Dr. Williams. Despite several requests from Mr. Maple for public input, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Thompson voted not to allow public comment and then voted to place Dr. Williams on administrative leave. Now they are trying to convince us that the true cost to terminate Dr. Williams will be around $35,000 - $38,000!

    On January 8th, 2007, the school board passed a resolution to hold a Town Hall Meeting, now they refuse to schedule it.

    To sum all this up in a reply to you, these are just the high points. The actions of these four women have divided this township. They do not have the ethical, moral, and leadership qualities I expect from our school board members. Whether or not they manage to terminate Dr. Williams, the end will not come until these board members are gone.

  38. 38 Mrs. Butler Mar 7th, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    Owen…Thank you for clarifying all of the errors in William-ized’s post. Your interpretation is fact, not fiction.

    Nancy D….Thank you for your continued support in this matter. Not only are past school board members embarrassed, the gang of four are an embarrassment to this entire community. We have become the laughing-stock of the surrounding areas. In addendum to your question to William-ized about what we have to lose when “all this” is over….I’d say that this community has lost a great deal already! We sink lower and lower with each wasted tax dollar, each stunt the school board pulls, each refusal to allow public input, and each day that goes by that they refuse to end this mess.

    Oh! And I’d LOVE to see someone try to fire anyone for wearing orange or for having an orange flower on their desk!! I believe there are laws against firing people for things like that. After all…orange is just a color.

  39. 39 Nancy (Cassady) Douglass Mar 7th, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    Dear William-ized,

    I sure would like to know who you are so that I could lend some credibility to your comments. It also might give us a clue as to where you get some of this hearsay written in your comments.

    I have much experience with contentious relationships between Dr. Williams, the School Board, the public and a divided township.

    I was elected to the board because of my very outspoken opinion against the $53 million dollar bond proposal back in the mid-90’s. Our grass-roots organization and the sitting board, along with Dr. Williams and many other parents and teachers, re-negotiated the proposal after a very nasty and dividing remonstrance - which included gathering signatures for and against throughout the township. And I mean NASTY. You think the community is divided now? Ask anyone who remembers that period of time - it was horrible.

    I can tell you that when I was elected, not only was I nervous, but so was everyone else, including Dr. Williams. I was the lone member elected representing the half of the community that wanted the board to not only think twice before spending ANY money, but three or four times. No one had any idea whether or not I was going to walk in and start demanding information or exhibiting behavior that would prohibit productive meetings, or question every move anyone made.

    I did not walk into that position with a “give me a gun and get outta my way” attitude. I did ask A LOT of questions, many of them on behalf of the people who voted me into the position. I did ask for A LOT of background information. Not only about how things worked, but why were we doing this or that, and shouldn’t we look into that further, or differently. I communicated, and listened - and there were many times when I openly disagreed. And while I am sure that there were times when people rolled their eyes about my inexperience, no one was ever disrespectful, and my questions were always answered. My opinion, whether in agreement or disagreement, was heard, considered and often discussed. I never felt steamrolled, and they certainly could have taken full advantage of my youth and inexperience, and they, without a doubt, did not.

    I absolutely NEVER interfered or distracted anyone in the administration (I hope) and I did patiently wait for answers or explanations. I asked many, many really stupid questions, and many very valid ones as well - yet I was never ignored, all of my questions were answered, and I never, ever felt as if I was being railroaded, put off, or lied to. And we are talking about the very same administrators these four women are claiming have ignored their requests, lied and so on…

    I had a very negative relationship with many administrators when I began my term on the board and never experienced what these women claim they have experienced. I speak first-hand and I simply do not believe, again, from my own experience, that the way the say they have been treated is the truth. What I do believe, however, is that they have not been operating under the “treat others as you wish to be treated” rule.

    I do believe, however, that they think they are some kind of township royalty, and that they have the right to cause the disruption they have caused. And unfortunately, they have chosen to handle themselves, and this situation, in a manner that appears to mis-represent what the majority of the residents of the community appear to want, yet they just continue to forge ahead without regard, respect or responsible thought.

    I believe, William-ized, that you have lost sight of the point. The We Support Williams and Take Back Perry Schools groups were formed because those folks want answers, no matter what they are. They want this action to be supported by fact, and so far we haven’t seen any facts. I can assure you that, if the four are successful in PROPERLY proving Dr. Willimas’ removal was justified, the members of these groups will be just as passionate about replacing him as they are about being told the truth.

  40. 40 Amy Stinson Mar 7th, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    Owen said:

    “Mrs. Adams admitted that she has been in discussion with Attorney Bailey since early October about Dr. Williams.”

    Unfortunately he did not start billing the school district until AFTER the ‘board’ voted to hire him. I have seen the bill and it lacks detail. Not billing until formally engaged is not unusual. It is obvious she had been in dialog with him prior to the engagement.

    It is typical to provide a letter of engagement that outlines what the lawyer is supposed to do. I haven’t asked if there was a letter of engagement or asked to see it, but I think it would be worthwhile to do so.

  41. 41 To Owen Mar 7th, 2007 at 6:21 pm

    I agree with everything you said in your post except one - The actions of these four women have NOT divided this township, quite the opposite.
    We are united against their actions. Unfortunately, the board IS divided. Other than that, great post as always.

  42. 42 Amy Stinson Mar 7th, 2007 at 10:20 pm


    I do remember that time, but not you specifically. My experience in dealing with the administration has been similar to yours. I have found that when I have asked for something, the administration has gone out of their way to provide me what I have asked for in a timely manner.

    I get the same feeling of royalty or entitlement and that they enjoy the attention and notoriety and sense of being able to do what they want with impunity.

  43. 43 William-ized Mar 8th, 2007 at 8:53 am

    Gosh Ms Butler, they can not fire you for having an orange color on you or a flower on your desk. Are you an at will employee? They need no reason to terminate you. And you will notice the attorney isn’t in the administration building? It is not good to rub peoples noses into things you can not control.

    Ms Douglas - I too am very familiar with SOP with a newly elected board member, you do feel lost for a while. No such thing as a stupid question except when it doesn’t get answered. That has gone on forever, you might even remember the suscide that was kept quiet. Lots of stupid questions during that part of our history.

    Micro-manage has been a “keyword” to keep the board off Williams and his associates asses. If this was a working board like many other townships, we might not have had the state take over our finances then, and depending on what they find, now.

    The lopsided bonus system of Edison and the report of who got what is going to be yet another battle but only between the unionized people. Lots of hard feelings I am afraid.

    Two key points we must keep looking at:
    Did anyone else in the township receive money from Edison? And what have they found in the budget and paperwork to cause Bill Brown to resign?

    Again 6 members of this board are intelligent enough to work out all these problems. Instead 3 of them refuse to go along with the majority. They will fight tooth and nail… just remember 4 to 3 is a majority in this country.

  44. 44 Anthony Karushis Mar 8th, 2007 at 10:14 am

    I’d like to comment on your post.

    First of all, you cannot fire someone for thier beliefs be they religious, political, or what ever. That is grounds for a lawsuit even in a no cause state like Indiana.

    You say there are no stupid questions except those that don’t get anwered? Then there are a lot of “stupid” questions being asked of the school board right now aren’t there?

    You speak of the “lopsided bonuses” for teachers between schools. Do you think it is different between school systems? Do you think the teachers didn’t know going into it that the pay would be different? Did you stop to think that for some of the teachers, it’s not even about the money?

    You question whether or not other people made money off of the Edison deal. Do you have any information that makes you question this? Or is this just something you’ve come up with on your own? If you have the information, share it because I haven’t found out anything that leads me to believe this may be the case.

    You also question why Mr Brown is retiring. Ever think maybe he doesn’t enjoy his job any longer and wants to do something different? Do you have any information to make the suggestions that you have made? If so, share it.

    And lastly, you say 6 members are intelligent enough to work through these problems. Who do you THINK is not intelligent? Does it bother you to support someone who you are questioning their intelligence?

    Sometimes, you bring up good points in your arguments. I’m glad for that. But, most of the time what you are saying is just ranting and has no basis. I guess the old saying is correct. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  45. 45 Nancy (Cassady) Douglass Mar 8th, 2007 at 11:26 am

    Exactly how are you familiar with standard operating procedure regarding a new board member, William-ized? I can tell you that your posts do not give anyone the impression you’ve served any entity in an official capacity, so I’m curious as to where you’ve gotten your experience.

    Also, while Bill Brown did submit his resignation, he’s retiring, really. And it will be a huge loss to the township. Unfortunately, he deserved to retire under more positive circumstances. But I can’t blame him a bit - frankly, the longer this keeps up, the bigger the mass exodus of teachers and administrators will be… No one is going to want to work under these conditions.

    One more thing William-ized, you truly showed your colors with the suicide comment. I am convinced you’re related to one of the four, and I am also convinced that you will sink to any level. Sad.

  46. 46 William-ized Mar 8th, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    If you disagree with your boss over something that is important to you, and you shove it in his face everyday you go into your office, sooner or later you are going to get his attention. Now if you are not unionized, and not under contract as most of the people who work at the administration building, your will more than likely lose your job. That is the point I was trying to make. Some of us see this in the real world.
    Some teachers don’t, but Anthony some of us do. And if you havent seen the division by now you soon will. I would hate to the the union rep, and have to listen to those who are really upset about the division. Oh and by the way - how many teachers in the township were offered an opportunity to make more money at Edison? How many were hired ooutside the township and allowed to bring their kids into our system while we have a waiting list to get in to Perks and Greed?
    Anthony- I do know that Mr Brown has done everything he can to protect Dr Williams and to get him back. That he really stuck his neck out for him and all of a sudden, a whisper here and there and the word, “Gotcha” comes out and he resigns. you figure it out.
    If you can not guess who the Board Member is you are all helpless.

    Ms Douglass- not many in this township knows about that tragic day. It was and still is hidden from everyone. Again whats to say about hiding things from the public?
    Will you all quit worrying about who I am. I am probably correct 90% of the time and your organization can not figure it out. I am just a tax payer, voter, parent of kids in school, and I do not like your organization and what it stands for. Again, if this organization is as good as it thinks it is, your negative and hateful name calling and accusations of our board, our administration, our parents and kids is way out of line. You yell and embarrass our board, our township at meetings. Your orange signs are cute and your gift shop????? excuse me gift shop??? I can well say I wont be shopping there.
    There are dark days ahead here in Perry Township. Very embarassing to a lot of us. Again, choose your side wisely.
    Taunt and ridicule- there is a division of teachers in this township, division of administrators and divisions from the Board of Education. These “gang of four” WILL do the right things in cleaning up this mess.

  47. 47 Nancy (Cassady) Douglass Mar 8th, 2007 at 3:20 pm


    Continuing to bring up a tragic, personal event that has absolutely nothing to do with today’s issues proves, once again, that sadly, some people will stoop to lower levels than necessary.

    I will ask you very politely, very civilly, to refrain from bringing up a tragedy with connections to children and family members that may still live and/or work close enough to see this and be hurt by the mere mention of it. Frankly, I find it despicable that you’ve even mentioned it.

    And you didn’t answer my question: How would you have the slightest idea what SOP is regarding a new board member?

  48. 48 William-ized Mar 8th, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    Ms Douglass- I find it despicable how Williams handled it. And most of all you, now defend him. We all are not born at night,some of us learn about such things.You find it hard to believe others have knowledge of SOP in politics and government? Very narrow minded.

  49. 49 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Although I’d prefer the subject of this topic not be spread in this format, I’m interested how you would have handled the situation differently.

  50. 50 Nancy (Cassady) Douglass Mar 8th, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    You have absolutely no idea how it was handled, and it was handled by ALL of us - I was on the board at the time - so again, I’m going to ask you to have respect for the survivors and drop it. You have absolutely no class - no shock that you think that the actions of these four are appropriate.

    I asked where you got the personal knowledge or experience you imply you have. But forget it, you’ve proven over and over that you have no experience and little knowledge of what you speak. It’s not worth anyone’s time to respond to you. I know I’m done.

    And if you’d like to call me despicable again, I suggest you use your real name. I like to know who I’m dealing with.

  51. 51 Mrs. Butler Mar 8th, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    William-ized, if I had to guess, I’d say that you are Nancy Walsh’s mother.

    How DARE you try to drag a family who has suffered ENOUGH through the mud just so you can try to rub someone else’s face in it!! Do you not think that the family has suffered enough??? I know this family, and I dare say they have suffered enough!!!! Anguish, pain, questioning, guilt, embarrassment, and the list goes on! You are truly an evil person to make their family suffer, because they are GOOD PEOPLE!!
    You’d stoop to any level just to get your ya-ya’s.

    If you want to continue with your little game, PICK ANOTHER SUBJECT!!

  52. 52 Amy Stinson Mar 8th, 2007 at 8:54 pm

    Jason defended this guy’s right to hide behind anonymity. I’m going to say it right now, I don’t agree with allowing someone to do this. Whoever this William-ized is is nothing more than a coward and a pot stirrer and I, for one, will ignore any comments made by the coward from this point forward. Anonymous cowards do not deserve a response.

  53. 53 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 9:12 pm

    I know that there are many people that will not understand my reasoning for defending the fact that regardless of what side of the argument someone is on this site, I WILL NOT provide information to the public that would give away the identity of those that have left comments if they have not shared that information themselves.

    Defending their right to anonymity and respecting them for their actions and ability to talk to people in ways they wouldn’t face to face is an entirely different argument.

    I will continue to allow anyone to make comments on this site regardless of their opinion. I will not put up with purely personal attacks on someone without adding something new to the argument. The only reason I’ve left the previous comment posted is so that I could respond to it and let everyone know my reasons behind my actions.

  54. 54 Amy Stinson Mar 8th, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    Your website, your rules.

    My objection is that the anonymity allows people to take pot shots at others and otherwise engage in behavior that is socially unacceptable.

    I’ve made the decision to disengage because I am beginning to believe this venue in it’s present form will hurt more than it will help and I don’t want to be a part of the problem.

  55. 55 Admin Mar 8th, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    Amy, I understand why you would feel the way you do and respect your decision. I even agree with you reasoning for disagreeing with me in this aspect. Your involvement and people like you who will continue to stand-up and be heard in public disagreement and open communication will do wonders to get us through this.

    I believe by exposing this type of behaviour and complete lack of human dignacy from individuals like William-ized, will eventually do more to illustrate the types of individuals we need to be aware of not to vote for in future elections.

    Therefore, I would encourage you to continue your involvement based on your beliefs and desire to see changes made in our township for the better.

  56. 56 Owen Mar 9th, 2007 at 1:01 am

    My parents used to tell me “It takes two to argue, and the person who argues with himself has a fool for an opponent”

    Those who result to name calling, belittlement, insults, and innuendo, do so out of desperation due to lack of supporting documentation. They try to distract us from the true issues the only way they can. To resort to these desperate methods, while hiding behind anonymity, is a reflection on them.

    I welcome opposing viewpoints that are factually valid. I welcome legitimate questions that ask me to reexamine my viewpoints. While I may not agree with them, I can respect them.

    Those that berate others, do not have my respect, and are not worth a response. Their own comments speak volumes about their shortcomings.

  57. 57 Dear posters Mar 15th, 2007 at 11:39 pm

    How about all of us simply ignoring William-ized and reply only to one another? That way we can and will talk with substance and ideas rather than cliches, innuendos, and opinions based only on anger, hatred, and an abnormal, sick need to be important.

    I ask all of you to post any ideas that you might have to create pressure on this gang of 4 to resign or to be removed? Our options for securing some sort of integrity and sanity to our school board are so limited; yet, we must impress on this gang that what they are doing is so wrong! They do, or should, answer to us, the public they are supposed to represent. We will not go away! They must go away, and we need ideas concerning how we can help make that happen. Of course, we don’t want to do anything illegal or physically harmful, but let’s think about some clever ideas from some of you very clever folks out there.

  58. 58 Michael Taylor (not the teacher at SHS) Mar 16th, 2007 at 7:06 am

    Dear “Dear posters,”

    Good idea. I’m in.

  59. 59 William-ized Mar 16th, 2007 at 8:25 am

    Pssst - TBPS - Homeland Security is looking into the box on Walsh’s doorstep late Saturday night. Heads up.
    Dear Posters - I won’t be bothering you all - Admn doesnt have to post my comments. This is the last.

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