A Response to Kodie

I just finished¬ a response to Kodie in the comments, but wanted to bring it to the front for others to be sure and see and share their comments.

Kodie, my comment about “single-handedly” doing something was more along the lines of if one-person decided to jump off a cliff and said it was right would you follow. Of course she didn’t single-handedly make this decision on the board. She did need three other people to follow her. And follow her is exactly what I think they did. Susan and Rubie have been on the board for two years already and just approved Dr. William’s renewal contract. I haven’t seen an intelligent or original thought come out of Barbara Thompson’s mouth yet. I believe Nancy Walsh is a very intelligent and capable person, I just think in this situation she was personally embarrassed and offended that Dr. Williams stood up to her because he knew her intentions weren’t in the benefit of the township, but for personal gain and agenda.

In your other comment, I’m not sure who you’re referring to as not being a “TEAM” player. If it’s Dr. Williams, I think his team has been the administrative staff he’s put together and the support he’s gotten from the teachers and many of the students we’ve heard from in this forum. He’s a TEAM player for the larger team at hand and the one that has more to lose by the efforts of this smaller 4-person group.

From many of the stories I’ve heard, I seriously doubt Dr. Williams has any problem with a “strong” woman.¬ I think this is why I guess the “silent majority” does not¬ like him. He won’t back down from anyone that stands in opposition to improving schools. Whether that’s Nancy Walsh or any other person male or female.

I don’t believe that we’re at the precipice of the “the best thing that has ever happened to Perry Township in the last 13 years?”, why do I think that? Because of the overwhelming support of the community and teachers and students. Thirteen years ago this township was in a shambles because the superintendent didn’t want to work with teachers or really improve anything. There was absolutely no team work there and Dr. Williams built up the school district from nothing to Money Magazine’s Top 100 school district, and has garnered the support of the vast majority of teachers behind him in the process. That is unheard of and we’ll see how it all turns out if you think you’re right.

Lastly, if my employer just renewed my contract for three years and then came to me a few months later and asked me to resign. I’d ask for just cause and reasons and I’d want it all in writing. If they didn’t want to respond to that request, then you’d better bet my next comment would have been to let the lawyers settle it. If the four board members are truly behind their actions, then they should have put him on administrative leave without pay. If I was as concerned as they say they are and he’s not doing his job, then there’s no way I’d give him money while we sort it out.

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