Rubie Alexander - Member (Board Member Bio)

The following information is taken verbatim from the MDSPT website. I’m including it on this site as a point of reference in case information should change in the future.

Rubie Alexander - MSDPT School Board MemberContact Information:
4806 East 32nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Phone: 545-9809
Fax: 317-545-3426
Biographical Information:
Rubie Alexander is a graduate of Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she majored in mathematics and minored in chemistry and general science. She holds a Masters Degree from Butler University. She is a retired educator. Her professional education career spans over 30 years; twenty-two of those years were spent teaching mathematics to middle high school students in urban school districts. In addition, she has held positions as Dean of Students, Computer Coordinator, Mathematics Department Head, Program Director for Indianapolis Teacher Center, High School Vice Principal, and Evening School Director. Rubie also served as Human Relations Director for MSD of Perry Township; a position from which she retired on June 30, 2000.
Rubie is married to Freddie Alexander. They have two grown daughters, Terri Alexander-Mathews and Frederica Alexander; both graduates of Southport High School in Perry Township.

Statement of Purpose:
“Students are our Priority” is a part of the mission statement for the Metropolitan School District of Perry Township. I am committed to making students a priority to all stakeholders in our community. I believe that education is a community affair, and that we must not only collaborate but also form alliances to address the needs of all children. As we pool our resources, we must make sure that every policy we make, every practice we follow, and every goal we set is geared toward making sure that every child’s fullest potential is realized.

20 Responses to “Rubie Alexander - Member (Board Member Bio)”

  1. 1 Joe Mamma Nov 15th, 2006 at 12:01 am

    Good for you Rubie

  2. 2 refalconmom Nov 15th, 2006 at 8:53 pm

    Rubie, you lost my support when you intimated that Perry Township teachers do not care about educating African Americans two meetings ago. I have worked in five different MSDPT schools, and I have never seen you in the halls of any of them. How do you even know what is going on in the schools?

  3. 3 sewl9 Nov 16th, 2006 at 3:07 am

    I always thought Mrs. Alexander supported Dr. Williams. I have heard her praise him at meetings and didn’t she support his contract renewal and preformance evaluation? What was her motive for voting to remove him? I believe the other 3 were just on a personal vendetta - I just don’t understand her reasons. Has she made any comments to explain her position?

  4. 4 Rita Nov 17th, 2006 at 11:37 pm

    You are amazing, Rubie. You continue to inspire me! God bless you.

  5. 5 a real MSDPT employee Nov 18th, 2006 at 6:03 pm

    Your seat was NOT voted on. Dr. Williams created that seat so that the northern community would have a voice. Jesse Jude died way too young and you took his seat. You need to get over Perry Meridian’s play that the students wanted and Dr. Williams supported. Stop using your person adgenda to go along with people that you normally would not even socialize with.

  6. 6 Perry Teacher Nov 19th, 2006 at 8:58 pm

    Please reconsider what you are doing. It will not be a sign of weakness to change your mind about keeping Dr. Williams. It will be a sad day for our schools if just a few people get their say over the vast majority of us. Please think back about all the things Williams has done for ALL of Perry Township.

  7. 7 Another MSDPT teacher Nov 23rd, 2006 at 10:16 am

    Rubie, I have served on so many committees and boards with you over the past years, and I guess I thought I had a good feel for where you stood. You have always claimed to be all about the students. Now someone has put a bug in your ear about something - who knows what - and it is evidently important enough to you for you to turn a blind eye to the good of the children so that someone can pursue personal vendettas. Shame on you for allowing your strong self to be pulled along on that train. I have always admired you for your willingness to stand alone if need be, for the good of the MSDPT community. Jesse Jude is rolling in his grave, I know, to see you using your board seat the way that you are. You have had some pretty high-powered community and state leaders contact you lately, questioning what looks like a major turnaround in your support of children and their educational stability. But your responses to them have been confused, circuitous, and bizarre. Two of them have remarked that they wonder if you are all right - and that was out of concern, not criticism. Please, Rubie, if you really believe in everything you have told us in the past about your commitment to children, please step back and look at what you are throwing your vote away on. You will be gone in a realtively short time, but many of us will still be here, cleaning up the mess and trying to stabilize the ship so that our kids can continue to learn. And that will happen to ALL our children, regardless of their color. When you make another one of your “you people don’t educate African-American children,” statements, you will be able to amend it to include all children. We can’t teach in chaos. Please help put an end to this mess.

  8. 8 Yahshoo Velinski Nov 23rd, 2006 at 7:39 pm

    In my country we would be proud to have a school school board. But is why (excuse English) Ms. Alexander not to be elected? This must change to be a true democratic process. These actions of some board members on Dr. Williams immitate my country’s pro-dictatorship stance on educational matters.

    Thank you,

    Yahshoo (somewhere in Europe)

  9. 9 Perry Resident Nov 26th, 2006 at 12:10 am

    The teachers I personally know in Perry Twp. do a great job of teaching their students of all race. Why does Mrs. Alexander accuse Perry teachers of not teaching their African-American pupils? That is a very bold statement and one that would make it should be able to cite some examples of teachers in the Twp. neglecting their black students. If there is no such proof - then she should stop with the divisive remarks.
    One more thing - Can Mrs. Alexander explain her change in support of Dr. Williams? I have not heard a reason from her. Just parroting what Nancy Walsh says. It is my opinion that Alexander is not representing our Twp. ver well.

  10. 10 Janet Pernell Nov 27th, 2006 at 9:27 pm

    Mrs. Alexander,
    How dare you sit up there at the school board meeting and talk about how you have been disrespected over race when you disrespected every Perry Township Teacher over race two meetings ago when you said “There isn’t a teacher in Perry Township teaching any black child”. You don’t speak for me. I teach all of my students! You also said, “I will vote for Edison. I will not deny your children an education even though mine aren’t being educated.” You are a school board member and should consider ALL children in Perry Township as yours. When did children become yours and mine based on their ethnicity. All of the children I teach are mine regardless if they look like me or you!

  11. 11 Denise Nov 28th, 2006 at 10:47 pm

    Rubie, you have a gentle heart and a great mind. We need you on this board. Thank you for taking the high road.

  12. 12 FYI Nov 30th, 2006 at 9:30 pm

    High road? You consider it taking the high road to accuse teachers in the township of not teaching their black students? You consider it taking the high road to accuse 400 people of sending racist e-mails? You consider it taking the high road to block the chance of mediation between the board and the superintendent? And finally, you consider it taking the high road to vote for extending the superintendent’s contract and then just months later costing the township over half a million dollars by voting to remove that same superintendent? You have a very interesting idea of the high road.

  13. 13 James W. Maier Dec 5th, 2006 at 1:43 pm

    I fully support Dr. Williams as he has done a very good job in the past 13 years he has been superintendent. I am a student of Southport Middle School in the 8th grade. Many of my teachers support him. He has brought good things to our township and continues to. I participated in the SMART Project he brought. In that, we studied ecological systems and a bunch of other stuff. We integrated a school project into community service at Southwestway Park in Johnson County. I liked that chance we had to do that. It was a great learnining experience. As a student, this matter has alot of effect on me. Think of the students, the taxpayers, and Williams himself. He (in simplest definitive) has been treated like crap by those board members. I hate the crucifixtion of him brought about by those 4 things called schoolboard members.This was a defeat to Perry Township as well as it was to me. I have started a petition in support of him. I have 51 signatures of concerned students. Have common sense to riot peacably and attend rallies. Excuse my bad english, but IT AIN’T OVER YET!!! That the Things 4 will heed the warning of my fellow supporters, I don’t believe it will happen. Yet we need a schoolboard recall. I would like a list of grievences towards Williams published in a paper. I want to see their “argument”. Really sad we can’t get along. Let us have a referendum upon the ousting of these four board members and see if it is logical which it is. I urge the 4 things to resign ASAP or face the obliteration of a good school system. Reinstate Williams!!! Join our just cause!!!
    ———–James William Maier-8th Grade- Southport Middle School

  14. 14 Denise Dec 9th, 2006 at 11:42 am

    I consider it taking the high road when, after Mrs. Alexander is barraded with spiteful emails and phone calls, she calmly stands by what she believes is right and prays for the Salvation of these hateful people instead of shouting back.

    Yes, this will cost the township money, but that amount is largely contingent on what Dr. Williams requests. He’s been overcompensated for years. If he’s really in it for the kids, he’ll take this year’s pay and leave it at that.

  15. 15 Beth Shipley Dec 9th, 2006 at 11:53 am

    I, like Janet Pernell, am a teacher in Perry Township and I love my job. I treat all my students, many who have special needs, as if they were my own children no matter what they look like or what limitations they have. Part of what makes me love my job is the fact that most of the teachers I have taught with over the last 20 years treat the students as I do. I tell my students that they were made for a reason…find out what your purpose is and become the best person you can be!

    One reason I love Perry Township schools is that we are becoming a beautiful, diversed system. Instead of critizing or becoming threatened, we need to open up and learn about the different cultures and life experiences of others. If you go to the township’s website:, and click on programs, you will see a Cultural Competence link. If you go there, you can have access to a dialogue that was made in our school district. It opens the lines of communication for better understandings for the good of everyone. And guess what…Dr. Williams gives an introduction of his approval of this ongoing forum to improve relations in our school system.

    Negativity is like a virus…once it starts it tends to spread. We need to learn from the mistakes from the past…that is one reason why social studies and history is so important. Learn what was wrong with the past and be proactive to improve life for all. Standing around complaing about the past is focusing on negativity.

    When people are closed minded and not willing to listen to others they are like that virus. The good thing about viruses is that we can become immuned to them so that they can not try to distroy again.

  16. 16 Admin Dec 10th, 2006 at 6:24 pm

    OVERCOMPENSATED? This comment is for “Denise”, you stated in your recent comment:

    “This will cost the township money, but that amount is largely contingent on what Dr. Williams requests. He’s been overcompensated for years. If he’s really in it for the kids, he’ll take this year’s pay and leave it at that.”

    If Dr. Williams had been overcompensated for years, it’s only because the school board approved it. His last raise and 3-year renewal contract was approved by Susan Adams and Rubie Alexander after excellent marks on his performance review.

    If you ask anyone on this site what they’d do if they’d just received a contract extension and a raise, would they walk away without every dollar and penny in their pocket, the answer would be “NO”, he deserves the money he was given in a contract 5 months ago.

  17. 17 Ken Dec 11th, 2006 at 5:21 pm

    I agree with Admin. I can’t stand it when people say something like “he should take his last check and leave”. It would appear that those individuals have never worked in a contract environment…..or signed any contracts themselves. When a contract (employment or any other type of contract) is signed, there is a set amount of compensation given for a set period of time. If one side decides to terminate the contract, (does not fulfill the agreed upon terms) the terminating party usually suffers the “consequences”. The consequences are usually in the form of monetary compensation or financial forfeiture. Given the way this was handled by the existing board, Perry Township will suffer (at a minimum) a financial forfeiture to the tune of a little over $540,000.00…..again, at a minimum!

    This is a simple issue of money in and money out. We will be paying out more money than we have taken in and that is a VERY bad way to run a company. When individuals or couples spend more money than they take in, the end result is usually a “long term tightening of the belt” or bankruptcy. If Perry Township has to “tighten its belt”, where do people think it will be tightened??? Teacher salaries, programs, classroom supplies….I hope not. If we cannot “tighten the belt” enough, does anyone think that running a school corporation in the red is a good thing? The financial impact to this township will be felt long after the 4 board members who made this irresponsible decision are long gone and no longer “serving” Perry Township. The decision to remove Dr. Williams and the attempt to buyout his contract are simply FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!!

  18. 18 James W Maier Dec 19th, 2006 at 10:21 am

    Ding Ding. Need I say more about he maturity of adams!!?

  19. 19 Concerned Mother of four Dec 19th, 2006 at 12:46 pm

    What is going on???? This sounds similar to an argument between my high school children. There are a lot of accusations and not any clear facts. If my children came to me and made an accusation of impropriety but would not tell me what really happened, how on earth could I make an intelligent decision about the proper course of action. What did he do? I have worked in the school system and don’t particularly care of him. That being said. Guess what, that is not enough reason to accuse of some secret offense and get rid of him. Tell the public aka. TAX PAYERS what exactly he as done and stop the high school childish rumor mill. Spit it out or go to your room! Why are we taking down a township without knowing why? Can any good come from this? Remember cancer starts small and without any intervention there is never a winner.

  20. 20 PMHS student Dec 20th, 2006 at 8:33 pm

    i love you ruby!

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